OpenLoo: Help newbie get out of the car safely and airdrop

Hair-stroking activities usually involve complex technologies and concepts. For newcomers to the blockchain, it is easy to be confused by the terminology and processes. Most novices do not have a deep understanding of the operating principles and related concepts of blockchain, and are prone to encounter confusion and problems during the hair-raising process; in addition, novices often lack in-depth understanding of the project and independent judgment ability during hair-raising activities The information in the blockchain world is complicated. Veterans who have been around for many years may not be able to find the source of first-hand information and lack the ability to organize information, let alone novices. Therefore, they may believe too much in the recommendations of others or the hype on social media without understanding the Without sufficient research and evaluation on the feasibility and safety of the project, you are more likely to be deceived and may invest large amounts of money or provide sensitive personal information to untrustworthy projects or platforms.

If novices don’t find good hair-raising tips or believe the scammers, they may encounter phishing websites. These websites pretend to be regular platforms or projects, tricking users into providing information such as personal accounts and private keys, and then defrauding them. All their assets. Phishing websites are usually disguised so realistically that it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity, which is especially dangerous for inexperienced novices.

In order to avoid these pitfalls, some wooly parties take the risky approach of purchasing accounts that have completed interaction directly from the studio. However, these people lack understanding of the nature of blockchain. The core features of blockchain technology are decentralization and security. It is designed to ensure data transparency, immutability and trustlessness. Each participant controls their own digital assets by holding private keys. But purchasing someone else’s account private key is equivalent to handing over control of your digital assets to others, which provides the studio with the opportunity to take away your airdrop first before you react. There are huge risks in buying other people’s account private keys. Studios may misuse your account, steal your digital assets, or otherwise harm your interests. In addition, you lose direct control over your digital assets and cannot guarantee their security and privacy.

However, the underlying logic of OpenLoo is completely different.

OpenLoo is a decentralized DAPP. OpenLoo controls the wallet and grooming process through programs. The wallet private key is not known to any private person or organization except the user. Therefore, you can completely trust OpenLoo.

In addition, OpenLoo has organized the information into a program, which prevents many scammers from creating information gaps, digging holes for novices, and avoiding information gaps. Newbies who don’t understand don’t have to bother to understand each interaction or worry about which step. process error.

It is worth noting that OpenLoo utilizes a wide range of data resources and uses a large amount of data to build a model specifically for airdrop data deduction, and can continuously learn and optimize through machine learning algorithms to provide users with more accurate and practical predictions , to help users increase the probability of successfully obtaining airdrops. OpenLoo also carefully studied the data of each project and adopted different strategies and methods for different projects.

Let us use the power of OpenLoo to explore the joy of wooling and achieve a safer and more reliable journey of wool acquisition!


About OpenLoo:

OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

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